Miraculous Poondi Pudhumai Madha

There were so many miracles happened in my life through the Poondimadha’s power of helping.
1. I got my dream job in IAF at the age of 19.
2.My sister’s marriage and her job.
3. I was suffering from Kidney stone. I prayed to Poondi Madha with full faith. The stone vanished just one day before operation.
4. I bought my new house at Nagercoil and bought a new car.
5. I got a new job in banking sector.
6. I got promotion as officer and a favourable transfer near to my home.
7. Narrowly Escaped from a major accident me and my brother.
The list will continue…
All these things our holy lady Poondi Madha showered upon us by her grace and our Lord Jesus’s healing touch.
Thanks and we will be greatful you our holy lady.