Prayer Request

Please pray for my elder brother [Sagai Raj Anthony] he was operated on his left leg in 2011 for septic which was essenatil at that poin in time to save his limb but in the process the doctors actually cut and remove a large portion of his skin from below the knee till the ankle and this wound hasn’t healed till date and blood,water and puss ozzing out from this wound … to keep this wound sterlised we do a dressing on this everyday … Also he’s suffering from Rhumatic Arthritis and Psoriois which has taken its toll on him. He cannot stand straight and can walk barely for 10-15 feets

The worsening of his health and the almost seeminlgy uncurable wound has taken a toll on his mind and body. Please pray for him so that he gets cured and is able to move around like a healthy person and be able to take care of his loved one’s