Cure through the intercession of Fr.Lourdu Xavier

My grandson Nathaniel was admitted in ICU with only 25% of his lungs working. He was very critical and through prayers, he started recovering. But was still in ventilator. After two weeks when the doctors tried to take him off ventilator, he could not manage. So again they put him in ventilator. The doctors said that if he didn’t come out of ventilator soon, he would have complications. We prayed to Fr. Lourdu Xavier for his intercession. Again the doctors planned take him out of ventilator the next day. But after sometime they said that his condition is not ok. We continued praying and to our surprise the next day morning they informed us that they have successfully took him out of ventilator and he is doing good. He was discharged after 1 week. But was in external oxygen support at home. We continued asking the intercession of Fr.Lourdu Xavier and prayed that if he comes out of the oxygen support, i will give testimony. Now my grandson is completely out of oxygen support. I thank Fr.Lourdu Xavier for his intercession and Poondi Madha for my grandson’s recovery.