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Cure through the intercession of Fr.Lourdu Xavier

My grandson Nathaniel was admitted in ICU with only 25% of his lungs working. He was very critical and through prayers, he started recovering. But was still in ventilator. After two weeks when the doctors tried to take him off ventilator, he could not manage. So again they put him in ventilator. The doctors said that if he didn’t come out of ventilator soon, he would have complications. We prayed to Fr. Lourdu Xavier for his intercession. Again the doctors planned take him out of ventilator the next day. But after sometime they said that his condition is not ok. We continued praying and to our surprise the next day morning they informed us that they have successfully took him out of ventilator and he is doing good. He was discharged after 1 week. But was in external oxygen support at home. We continued asking the intercession of Fr.Lourdu Xavier and prayed that if he comes out of the oxygen support, i will give testimony. Now my grandson is completely out of oxygen support. I thank Fr.Lourdu Xavier for his intercession and Poondi Madha for my grandson’s recovery.

August 20, 2021

Prayer Request

This is my prayer request to my Poondi Matha for me and my sister’s wedding. Our mother is trying her best to find life partners for us but she failed. Poondi Matha please bless us with life partners. Please bless our mother to conduct our wedding. Father Lourde Xavier please be our mediator and pray for us to Jesus Christ and our Holy Mother and grand us our wish. Poondi Matha please be kind to us bless us with husbands.

Babi Justin
April 12, 2021

Need a job

My beloved maria are my only mother.right now I am surviving critical situation in this pandemic period.i beg to you to get a good job in my field.ave maria my mother.pray for my sin and break it and lead me in bright way.please pray to my father your beloved son for my needs.

November 4, 2020

Good health for my son and study well

I am bhuvaneswari from cuddalore i am completed Msc IT DEL Ed i am divorced i have one son his name mukesh pranav he studying 4th he want to study well My lovable mother mary.i beg you to stay on me forever and protect me and my son from the evil spirit.please protect me from this world always with me and my sob and secure me and my son from all side and give health and power to protect my son forgive my son sins please recover his health please reduce his unwanted fat please give good health to him i beg to u please give more knowledge to him he want to study well he want to become doctor and score high marks in all subject tamil he want learnt very quickly and also he want to write without mistakes and all subjects also please help him i handover my child to u please help him to do well all correctly i beg u matha please protect my son and me Amen

V Bhuvaneswari
September 27, 2020

Cure through the intercession of Fr.Lourdu Xavier

I had severe leg pain. I visited Poondi and prayed through Fr. Lourdu Xavier. And my leg pain got cured. I am writing this to testify with lot of gratitude. Thank you mother Mary. Thank you Fr. Lourdu Xavier.

B Mary
October 13, 2020