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Thanks & Favor for health

Dear Poondi matha

Thanks a lot for all your blessings. My mom is suffering from sciatica pain & husband from back pain. Please heal both of them with a speedy recovery. Bless each and everyone in our family with good health and guide us always. Please help us overcome this covid19 situation. With you everything is possible. Please matha help us in this tough time.

May 22, 2020

Thanksgiving to mother Mary and father Lourdes Xavier

In 2017, I had two abortions and was very upset because of it I was very stressed and in 2018 April I came to Our Lady of Poondi and father Lourdes Xavier and prayed for a baby and I asked mother Mary to fine me a baby like her and I got conceived in May 2019 and on Jan 24th gave birth to baby girl just like my mother Mary and by her and father Lourdes grace and blessings.. Thank u mother Mary and father Lourdes for hearing my cry and blessing me abundantly…

Junitha Franks
June 2, 2020

Miracle that took place with my Husband (S.Edward Joseph) when visited Poondi Church.

In the year 2016, my husband had severe stomach pain that lasted for almost for 6 months. Although he consulted different doctors and took various medicines, there was no recovery. Like every year, me and my husband and went on pilgrimage trip to Vailankanni and Poondi church. My husband with faith and devotion lied and rolled on Fr. Lourdes Xavier`s grave for his intercession and within couple of minutes he was healed of stomach pain which he never experienced again. There was another miracle that happened with my husband. In 2018 my husband and I visited Vailankanni and Poondi church. He was experiencing difficulty in breathing. With the same faith like before he had prayed to Fr. Lourdes Xavier once again and slept on his grave and then he started to feel better and once again experienced miracle and we reached Hyderabad back safely. On first Saturday i.e. 5th May 2018 he breathe his last due to major heart attack and passed away. May his Soul Rest in Peace. My Husband and I had experienced many miracles however these are the two testimonies we would like to share, and we are very thankful to Mother of Poondi and Fr Xavier for healing my husband and showering the blessing on us.

Margaret Joseph
May 21, 2020

Thanks to miraculous mother poondi

This is real miracle happened in my life. My dad was under catheter due to prostrate enlargement. I prayed dad should urinate normal. Whatever I prayed same happened. Thanks to our miraculous poondi Madha. Special thanks everyone who has prayed . Really no words to express my gratitude.

Bhuvana Jaya Rakini
November 28, 2019

Recovered from health issues

I was met with major accident before one year and hospitalized for an month and recovered.Even after treatment there were some health issues.After praying to Poondi Matha i completely recovered.

September 4, 2019