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Prayer request – to have me reconciled and united with my love Jesvin Prabu

Please Mother Mary have me united back with my love Jesvin Prabu and bless us to be married and stay united always in holy matrimony. Please severe Jesvin from all his bad companions and protect him always. Please rid him off any evil influences that have been instilled and influenced by some evil men and women and bring him back to me and with your blessings have him married to me soon with the consent of both our families and bless us with our children. Help us to overcome all the hurdles that are preventing our union.please mother be with me and guide me. I beg you to give my Jesvin Prabu back to me. Amen

Devi Palani
November 17, 2016

Obtained Job

I visited poondi matha church on feb 25th 2015.At that time i was unemployed and was in search for a job.Attended many interviews but i couldn’t find the job i was looking for.Once returned i had two offers one from Abu dhabi and Banglore.With Poondi Matha’s grace i got placed in both places but joined the job in Abu Dhbai.Its been 1 year 4 months since i joined here.With gods grace all is moving well.

Thank You Mother Mary.

Amal Sebastian
August 20, 2016

For my Life

My lovable mother mary.i beg you to stay on me forever and protect me from the evil spirit.please protect me from this world which is exposing smoke of sin,You always with me.and secure me from all side and give health and power to leave my sin and pray to my father (your son) jesus christ to forgive my sin and to protect.This is my humble petition.Ave Maria.

August 12, 2016

Prayers request

Mother Mary Kindly help us to find the things which has been robbed from my house

Cajetan Fernandes
July 26, 2016

Miracle – Prayed to Fr.Lourdes Xavier

Thank you Mother mary for the prayers answered, we have bought the most beautiful house.I prayed to Fr.Lourdes Xavier till I got the house.

Bernadine Rishmi
July 21, 2016