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I, Christopher and my wife Arokia Mary, got married on 20.09.2009. For five years we did not have a child. When we came to the shrine of Poondi Madha, we prayed with tears. Poondi Madha gave us twins. We are thankful to Poondi Madha.

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher
May 23, 2016


My name is A. Lucy Jaculine  B.Sc., B.Ed., I got Govt Job as teacher in a middle school in Vellore District(2010). My residence is St. Thomas Mount, Chennai – 16. Everyday i traveled nearly 5 hours in the morning to reach the school and same in the evening too. I prayed for my transfer to Poondi Madha. I got transfer in general counseling in Arakonam in 2013. Now I am travelling 3 hours in the morning and evening. A heartful thanks to Lord Jesus and Poondi Madha.

A. Lucy Jaculine
St. Thomas Mount, Chennai - 16
May 23, 2016