Dear Devotees,

You have an opportunity to become a member of Poondi Madha Basilica, following the procedure mentioned below:

  • You can become a member by paying an initial amount of Rs. 100/- or more.You may pay your subscription Rs.100/- every month or annually. When your subscription reaches Rs. 5000/- you become life members.
  • You may also pay a lump-sum of Rs. 5000/- and become life members.
  • A membership card will be issued to you on becoming a member and a life membership card will be issued on payment of Rs. 5000/-
Please Note:

  • The benefit of the scheme is that we remember you and pray for you during every Mass offered at the Shrine.
  • On Every Saturday of the month we offer the Novena Mass for your intentions.
  • You will receive a free copy of the news bulletin of the Basilica once in four months.
  • Your membership fee can be sent by way of Money Order or Draft to the Basilica( Please do not forget to mention you membership code number).
  • Your Membership card is not transferable.
  • The scheme does not guarantee room reservation; if there is any change in your address or if there is any mistake in the name or address, kindly let us know for appropriate correction. This will facilitate our correspondence.
  • Please mention the code number in all your correspondence.